May 5, 2011

Weekly Treasury Post

Okay team...I am woe to admit that in taking the position as the team treasury-maker for the blog I have learned that I despise making treasuries. 
I know some people love it...and some are even really good at it. 
Not me.
I put off making my weekly treasury...then I finally log into etsy Thursday morning...holding my breath, crossing my fingers and doing a treasury dance...hoping another team member has been gracious enough to post to the discussion board a perfectly-lovely treasury that I can use. 
All so I don't have to make one.  

When I was just making them because I felt like was fun and you could add anyone or thing you wanted.  As soon as it became something I had to do...woops.  Now I despise it. 
The funny thing is I also joined that "pay it forward" team where the whole point is to  I have three shops to manage folks...that's a  lot of treasuries.  Let's just say I don't think I will be doing that much longer either.
All of this is to say, I logged in this morning and started making a treasury for today...and I just couldn't finish it.  It wasn't looking had no real theme and I would have been just making one to make it.  Its never going to get to the front page and I won't even want to view it, so you all likely won't either.

In case you have missed the discussion boards this week, our team mate stitchnmomma has agreed to take over this post starting next Thursday.  I KNOW she will be a far better curator than I have been. 
In the meantime,
here is a treasury curated by our wonderful leader...Gretchen...

Happy Thursday to you all and see you next week on Friday!

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  1. Thanks Amanda! I'm looking forward to treasury making forcing me to spend more time browsing through the shops of our team members. And I personally think you've made some gorgeous treasuries! :)



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