May 4, 2011

Featured Member BSCrafts

Our Current featured member is BSCrafts
Q.  Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop.

A.  Our shop is run by myself and my sister. We started it after our grandma passed away because we wanted to honor her memory. Every time we talked about her we were brought back to the fact that she was the one who taught us to do most of the crafts we do. Her name was Beryl Smith and she would sign all her paintings with BS, which was also fitting for our shop because our names are Brandy & Sherry. .

Q.  What or Who inspires you?

 Aside from our Grandma we are inspired by everything we like. If we say something and think we could turn it into a craft we do. If we see a craft that we love we try to make our own version of it. I also think that our family inspires us. They provide ideas and encouragement at every step of the way. 

Q.  When you're not doing things for your shop can we find you around the internet?

A. When we are not working on items for our shop we are normally working at our full time jobs, or out running or training for marathons. We spend a lot of time on the internet playing World Of Warcraft, keeping in touch with family and friends or just looking for more craft ideas. 

Q.  What tool could you not live without?

A.  Brandy could not live without her knitting needles! She has actually been stabbed in the leg by them when she was on her way to work because she forgot she had a set in her bag. 
I (Sherry) could not live with just one crafting tool! I find that I need to try different crafts and activities otherwise I get bored and end up with a lot of half finished ideas. 


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  1. What cute little buggies, and neat story, too.


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