About Us

EtsyNEAT is a juried team whose members are independent artisans practicing in the needle arts.

The "needle arts" as they pertain to our team include hand embroidery, cross stitch, hand smocking, bead embroidery, stumpwork, ribbon embroidery, crewel, and needlepoint.

Requirements for Membership

We welcome members who meet the following criteria:
  • Members must be shop owners on Etsy.
  • Finished needle arts pieces should be the main focus of a member's shop. Roughly half of the shop's items should be finished needle arts pieces (pieces that are completed mainly using hand needlework). Patterns are considered finished pieces if a hand-stitched example is provided.
Final approval or denial of team membership is at the discretion of the jury, which includes the team captain and leaders.

We ask members to maintain an active presence on the team by participating in discussions on our forums, blog, and/or Facebook page.

Team Audits

Regular audits of current membership will be conducted by the jury to maintain a cohesive and focused team. Members who no longer meet our membership criteria will be contacted via Etsy convo and given an opportunity to make changes.

If a removed team member wishes to rejoin the group, he or she is welcome to reapply.

If at any time you have questions or feedback regarding our membership requirements, please feel free to contact me or a leader by convo.

Thanks for being part of our team!

- Nicole / AniaJane
- Kelly / Stitchnmomma
- Michelle / FunWithNeedles