May 3, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Store Your Thread!

How do you store your embroidery floss?

I'll admit, some of my "method" involves stuffing it into a box to sort "later" (and later... and later...). However, I do use some organizational tools, and I found a few interesting ideas online as well.

My favorite organizing piece- the divided plastic box. I like "Prism" by ArtBin because it's thick, snaps shut well, and wasn't expensive. I have the box with six different compartments. I put different color families into each of the sections so it's easy to find the color I need for a project. I don't use the traditional little white cardboard cards since they tend to kink the floss, so I keep the papers on and lay the skeins down flat in the containers.

I covet one of these DMC floss cabinets. A little out of my price range, but how cool! They remind me of vintage store displays.

How much fun is this "Dollar Store" craft-- Ice trays used for storage AND easy identification of colors.

This cute vintage domino box makes great storage for floss once the skeins are wound on cards (or in this case, plastic canvas).

This box-and-bag method looks like a lot of work, but the results are great.

This blogger had the same problem I've had with many of the notebooks marketed to embroiderers-- the floss falls out! She solved the problem with a little ingenuity and sewing.


  1. I am afraid to say...I usually own a huge ball of floss that I have to detangle all the time!

  2. I used to have all my floss in several boxes on the little white cards, cut got tired of the kinks in the floss.

    I've switched over to using DMC Stitchbow and I buy my own 3 ring binders and the office supply store to keep the pages in.

    My Dad laughs at me because I'm up to 4 binders right now. Each slot is labeled with the number of the floss that should be in the slot, of course in numerical order. I hope someday to have one of each!

  3. I have a huge metal ring that I loop all of my pre-cut to length & twisted floss around. In colour number order of course.

    I do have a bag with my most used colours in my sewing box that never make it back onto the ring.

    Oh and another bag of uncut floss, ready for the day I run out of a colour. I think I have a problem hehe. Its about the only organised thing in my house.

  4. I use the Prism boxes, too, with full skeins. I used Stitchbow and the little white cards, and I eventually realized I was just as happy pulling straight from the skein. I organize them by color families.


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