March 27, 2011

Cat Needlework Patterns

Cat Embroidery Pattern from Penguin & Fish

Happy Monday! My two cats, Shaq and Ollie, are my wonderful, furry cat-children. For non-cat people who think that cats can't show love and devotion the way that dogs do, I beg to differ. My boys are my constant companions...they follow me everywhere, constantly imploring me with their big eyes and their sweet meows to pick them up or give them a cuddle. And I am alway rewarded with satisfied purrs and a warm body snuggling up next to me on the sofa or in bed (sometimes to my husband's dismay). In honor of my two littlest loves, I have found
some wonderful patterns on Etsy for cat lovers to stitch up.

Cat Cross-Stitch Pattern from sewingseed

Felt Fatkitty Embroidery Pattern from little dear

Cat Pin Bead Embroidery Pattern from The Lone Beader

And for all you dog-lovers, fear week I will share some equally wonderful dog patterns!

Happy Stitching!

xxx Rebecca aka melysbaby xxx


  1. Oh, you really found some good ones. Great collection!

  2. Love it! My husband and I have four cats and they are our babies.

  3. I love these so cute. I agree my cat is the most lovinge animal of all. Sometimes a little two much when I want to embroidery and she is sitting on my floss.


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