November 17, 2012

Creative Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to stitchnmomma, the winner of our last Creative Challenge!  Her Thanksgiving inspired piece is just lovely.

As the winner of the Creative Challenge, stitchnmomma got to choose the theme for our next Creative Challenge... and that theme is... WINTER SPORTS!

The rules are simple.  Create something with needle and thread that is inspired by Winter Sports.  Get creative and think outside of the box!  Submissions will be accepted between January 23, 2013 and January 26, 2013.  This should give you plenty of time through our busy holiday season to get something made!

On January 23, we will put up a post asking for everyone's submissions.  It can be a link to something you are planning on selling on etsy or other venues, or just a picture of something you created!

Starting January 27 and ending January 31 will be our open voting to decide who made the most awesome piece!  All you have to do to vote is leave a comment on the voting post.

Feel free to leave comments about different ideas for this challenge, or just to cheer everyone on!  Come on everyone, let's finish this year with some awesome Winter Sports inspired creations!

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  1. I love these contests, so I am giving your blog the Liebster Award! This award is to let other people know how great I think your blog is. Come over and check it out, then you can pick who you decide to give it to in return! :)

    Less Bitching, More Stitching!


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