September 5, 2011

World Traveler Needlecraft Patterns

World Traveler Embroidery Pattern from thestoryofkat on Etsy

Happy Monday! Lately I have been thinking about where to go for our next family vacation. B.S. (before Stella), my husband and I traveled quite a bit to far off (i.e. expensive) locations. Now that we have to be a bit more considerate of budgets and school, we don't always travel to the most exotic locations. But I am happy that my daughter, Stella, at the age of 7, has been out the country twice so far. It certainly helps that we have family in England. But it seems as though our daughter has caught the traveling bug and is eager to venture off to some even more interesting (i.e. expensive) locations. When that will happen next....I'm not sure. Right now I am just trying to plan out next trip to Disney. A day at Epcot, walking through the various "countries" may have to suffice for now. If you are thinking of travel, but can't get somewhere anytime soon, here are a sampling of some my favorite "world traveler" patterns.

LinkInternational Dolls PDF Embroidery Pattern from loopsies on Etsy

Snowdomes of the World PDF Pattern from wildolive on Etsy

Around the World Embroidery Pattern from StitchersRevolution on Etsy

Happy Stitching!

xxx Rebecca aka melys baby xxx

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  1. These are great and some are so cute! Thanks for the great post!


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