September 28, 2011

Featured Member FlameLilyPhoto

This week's featured member is Flamelilyphoto!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop.
I was born in South Africa, the most beautiful country on earth! When I was seven my family moved to the U.S., and we have been living by the beach in New Jersey ever since. I love bird watching, classic literature, and planning theme parties for my family.
Initially I opened my shop for photography but love delving into all types of creative media. I have always had a strong interest in the natural world and pursued a biology degree in college. Now I am exploring ways to combine that with my love of art.

What or Who inspires you?
I could probably write a list from here until tomorrow! Of course my whole family would be included, especially my grandmothers, who cheered me on through my first embroidery pattern. For the most part, I take my inspiration for my embroideries from nature, flowers from my garden, and vintage botanical art.

When you're not doing things for your shop can we find you around the internet?
No, not yet!

What's your favorite stitch or what do you like most about needlework?
I really like feather stitch, which I use for my coral embroideries. All of my embroideries are done freehand, so it’s fun to see where the needle takes you. I love flipping through my book of stitches and imagining what types of leaves and flowers I could form with each type of stitch. 

Where do you like to stitch (do you have a cozy spot, a favorite chair, a totally tricked out studio?)
Sitting on the floor in my room, with either the Food Network on tv or listening to the Soweto Gospel Choir on my ipod!

How did you learn to stitch?
I bought a kit at the craft store on a whim, which I successfully completed under the watchful eyes of my grandmothers. After that I got a book of embroidery stitches, and the rest was practice and trial and error. I also used the internet if I wasn’t sure that I was doing a stitch correctly – there are a lot of great videos and tutorials out there. 

Do you have any questions you are looking for answers to that you would like to send out to the needlework community?
What’s the best place to get embroidery linen online? 

(And just for fun) If you were a pizza topping, what pizza topping would you be? 
Well, I’m a pisces, so, anchovies?

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