August 23, 2011

Team Challenge Voting

Okay Team, so here are the items for the team challenge.  You can click on all the images to be taken to the original posting for more information.  Please enter your vote in the comments below.  Voting will end Sunday night and we will announce the winner Monday!
Good luck everyone!

Trio of pincushions by Sprincushions

(Bird Wall Hanging by Stuffandnonsense)

(Finding Feathers by Marysgranddaughter)

(Mario Fire Flower by Tails32X)

(3 Owls and a Tree by Thirtyone13)

(Darwin's Tree of Life by Professor Godzilla)

(Butterfly Cross Stitch Pattern by Stitchnmomma)

(Two Birds by Sewjenaissance)


  1. I'm entering my vote for Spin! Those cushions are pretty dang cute!

    I love Mary's as well...tough call!

  2. I wish I could vote for more than one -

    I'm completely torn but I think I have to go with the Bird wall hanging by Stuff and Nonsense. :D

  3. I'm voting for Marysgranddaughter. :)

  4. Wow - SO HARD!

    I love Marysgrandughter's & Professor Gozdilla's & Stuffandnonse's & tails' makes me smile and and and and hehe

    But my vote goes to sewjainssance's two birds - I love that tree!

  5. Everybody's work is wonderful!! And so different, which is fantastic!(Tails' entry gave me a good chuckle!) It also makes things so hard :( But my vote goes to Jen's two's very sweet and well done and I wouldn't mind embroidering up that pattern myself!

  6. I like (Two Birds by Sewjenaissance)the best. She has my vote.

  7. stitchnmomma has my vote, love that butterfly!

  8. So many great listings. I'm going to toss my vote towards Darwin's Tree of Life by Professor Godzilla - I love everything though!
    - Tails

  9. My vote is for "Two Birds".

    Great pieces everyone, it was a tough decision! :)

  10. My vote is also for Two Birds by Sewjenaissance. I love swirly trees like that and the tiny leaves and flowers are so cute.

  11. My vote is for Two Birds by Sewjenaissance. That is adorable!

  12. Well I'm a push over for geeky science, so I love Darwins Tree of life

  13. My vote is for Finding Feathers by Marysgranddaughter. First time here, and a team challenge sounds like fun!

    Newly following :)


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