May 16, 2011

Team Member Needlework Patterns

Modern Squares Cross-Stitched Bookmarks PDF pattern from stitchnmomma

Happy Monday! I seemed to have missed posting last Monday...sorry about that! But this week I am showing a couple of wonderful patterns from two of our very own team members! Stitchnmomma features lots of her beautiful finished cross-stitch work to choose from, from buttons and bookmarks to magnets and wall art. But she also sells several of her original patterns. I especially love the Just Desserts patterns, a collection of 12 modern squares cross-stitched bookmarks. Great for stitching up as little gifts, and still have several left over to keep!

Gnomes at Home PDF Pattern by ThisTinyExistence

ThisTinyExistence features delightful hand-embroidered art of home life, featuring little views into rooms or gardens. Everything is beautifully done and you can even get custom piece of your own home or garden! But if you wish to stitch up your own "tiny existence", several of her original patterns are available for sale. I particularly like this gnomes at home pattern...look at the little gnomes hanging about! Sweet!

Happy Stitching!

xxx Rebecca aka melysbaby xxx


  1. I LOVE this tiny existance's work!

  2. I hadn't seen This Tiny Existence's work before. So perfect for my sense of style! :)

  3. Thank you so much for including my pattern in this post!

    And yes, I concur that Tiny Existence has awesome work! :)

  4. Oh! Thanks for featuring my work and the lovely words!


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