May 13, 2011

Captain's Post

(coffee time by new member thistinyexistance)

Hey there team!
I started to wonder if I would ever get the chance to post a message to you all today in light of blogger's issues over the past two days.
I want to start out by saying a hearty "Thank You" to Gretchen for all the hard work she did in getting the team redirected and facilitating so much new involvement from our members!  Gretchen left me pretty well set taking on this new role has been a breeze so far.
I also want to say "Thank you" so the members who have been so welcoming and positive about the change over in leadership and a special word to stitchnmomma for taking over our weekly treasury post!   

First order of team business that Gretchen and I had briefly discussed during our passing over of duties was our social networking for the team.  I think we might all like to see more going on in this area and I would like to get team thoughts and ideas on ways to make this more of a presence in our team promotion.  
I am admittedly not much of a facebook person and I don't twit (gasp!) I am not sure if I have the expertise to man this alone.  

Feel free to comment in this post with ideas or convo me personally so I can present them to the team leaders for consideration.  I will also start a thread on the team page for those who don't regularly read the blog (although I hope we all do)

That's all for now...have a great weekend!
Please let us all see what you are working on and post a link to new work here!


  1. Love that embroidery!

    It might be an idea to eventually use Facebook for promotions of members' shops or team giveaways....

    I have a half-finished embroidery that's been languishing because I lost steam on it. :(

  2. this is sooo adorable....great work.

    I do not FB or tweet.....

    have a super weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  3. nice job on this piece of embroidery, everyone needs 'coffee time' :) , I don't tweet either, do FB and blog, tweeting is in the near future for me:)

  4. Sadly I must say in the words of my almost 19y.o. that loves to tease me, I'm "lame and have no life" so I do use FB and Twitter on a regular basis, even though my personal blog tends to get neglected.

    I'd love to see more interaction with our members on both the FB page and our blog here. When I send convos each week to the people I've featured in the team treasury I'll be including the respective links just in case they don't have them.

    Just my 2 cents worth. :)

  5. Hey team :)

    I tweet. I'll put my hand up to do something tweet wise.

    I'll convo you cap'tn :)


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