May 20, 2011

Captain's Post

(Antler Throw Pillow by autumnmodest)

Happy Friday fellow stitchers!

Its been a little quieter this week, which is good, I know I am finally getting around to working on embroidery again after settling into the new captain duties, dealing with our own blog and all the various parts of daily life that tens to get in the way of creative work when time crunches start to hit.  

This week, Shelley of Spincushions has graciously stepped up to take on managing the team facebook page.  While the account is already set up to automatically update with blog posts, Shelley plans to start updating with other items of interest, such as new items posted, treasuries  and team projects.  A huge "Thank You" to Shelley for taking this on for us!

Hope you all are entering into a faboulous weekend.  

Now for the weekly projects links:

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