April 29, 2011

The Voting Booth Is Open!

embroidery by iSewpose

That's it, stitchy challengers, the submission time for the April creative challenge has ended! Leave your votes in the comments below (one vote per person, please). Submissions can be found here. Voting will go until Friday, May 6. Get to it!

(You can still link to your projects from this week below as well.)


  1. Both very lovely entries and great in different ways. Well done ladies on being organised enough to get it done - next month I will!

    So my vote goes to Shonette's cuff. I can picture a bride wearing it. Lovely piece :)

  2. I agree with Shelley. I can see Shonette's cuff complimenting a bride's dress beautifully, so my vote is for her.

  3. I love both entries but my vote goes to Shonnette's cuff.

  4. They're both great. I think my vote will go to Shonette's cuff, so gorgeous for a bride!

  5. And the winner is Shonette! Well done Shonette. You get to choose the theme for the next challenge.


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