March 8, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Stitching on Dark Fabrics

Today I'm going to share a few different tutorials for hand stitching on dark fabrics.
Pillow by Melysbaby

My tutorial, written last August. I wrote a tutorial while working on a large pr
oject that involved lots of stitching on black fabric. I still haven't tried Jenny Hart's transfer paper, but I am actually planning to buy some soon. Sullivan's stopped making their version and I can't find any more closeout packages!

Jenny Hart also recently posted a tutorial about stitching on dark fabrics. Her technique is the same as mine, but her pictures are much better... MUCH.

I found this tutorial by Pin Tangle that talks about a product called "Transdoodle", but the only places I found Transdoodle online were out of stock or very pricey. I'd be interested to hear if any "NEATers" have tried Transdoodle.

This tutorial by Kristy doesn't use transfer paper. Instead, she transfers the design to a water soluble plastic (basically water soluble stabilizer-- it's the same stuff) and stitches through the stabilizer and the fabric.

What have you stitched on dark fabrics?


  1. I once embroidered a black apron with the Sublime Stitching fruits and veggies as a gift. I think I used transfer paper bought from the local craft store. Its not an easy task!

  2. I currently have a piece I'm stitching on black aida cloth. I've tried many different things, including a light BEHIND my fabric, but have found that stitching in natural sunlight works best for me.

  3. I tend to draw a lot of my designs freehand, rarely use patterns, so for that I use a white water-soluble pen. The only other thing I've used is Solvy, and I don't really like working with it, but it does the trick.


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