February 16, 2011

Featured Member PilousPercilla and All Night Diner

Our next featured member is one of our leaders Pilous Percilla 

Q.  Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop.

A.  Pilous Percilla is the brainchild of Amanda and James (AKA Mister and Missus Flex). 

Missus Flex has embroidered off and on for years...usually making ironic onesies and "subversive" wall hangings for friends. 

In November of 2010 Mister Flex gifted me with another of his hand-drawn cards (typically of my favorite things...animals in people's clothes, owls in arm chairs and circus-themed images) this one featured General Tom Thumb and I immediately proclaimed that it would be a fun image to embroider! James made up a pattern and transferred it onto fabric for me and that was it. We started making lists of all the awesome people/items we would like to make into embroidered art and decided to start an etsy shop and try sharing our work.

Now, we have opened a second shop (All Night Diner)where we are planning to offer portraits of our favorite musicians, film and TV characters and other misc. images...in the hoop right now...Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks!

Q.  What or Who inspires you? 

A.  Mister Flex and I are such huge inspirations to each other and it is so fun to have a combined hobby, but we are also inspired a great deal by music, film, books and of course...the vintage circus!

Q.  When you're not doing things for your shop, where can we find you around the net?

A.  We don't have much of an internet presence yet except on etsy and our blog.  We try to spend as little time as possible online when we're together...we'd rather hang out watching movies and making lists.

Q.   Just for fun tell us your favorite color.

A.  hmmm...favorite colors. Amanda's is blue/green...I think James' is the same and Baby Flex's is RED! 



  1. So cool that you get to collaborate and work together!

  2. What a great collaboration! I think you have such fantastic designs and embroidery...I enjoy both shops!

  3. It is awesome to have a combined task/thing to do together!

    Thanks Melys! We hoped people would like them as much as we do. James does an amazing job on creating the designs!


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