October 13, 2013

August/September Creative Challenge Submissions

Pink and Orange Burst by Kelly Darke

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry everyone! I did not get this posted up on schedule, and I apologize! I have been so busy with work and crafting, story of our lives, right?

Anyway, we are now ready to accept submissions for our last creative challenge, which was The Jazz Age. Hopefully time didn't get away from you as much as it did with me, and you had a chance to make something inspired by the Jazz Age!

Leave a link here to your entry. You have until October 16, 2013 to post your link. Your creation can be something on etsy or your own personal blog, basically anywhere that you can provide a link to.

Voting will be held starting October 17 and ending October 20.

We can't wait to see what great pieces you have all come up with! Don't forget that the winner of this challenge will not only get to choose the theme for our next creative challenge, but they will also be in the running for our 2013 Favorite Creative Challenge Winner!

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