September 26, 2012

Creative Challenge Winner!

I'd like to congratulate stitchnmomma for winning our latest creative challenge! She won with this very cool entry:

As the winner of our challenge, stitchnmomma had the opportunity to select the theme for our next challenge and she picked Thanksgiving!

So, start stitching up some gourds or turkeys or whatever design the holiday inspires you to create and be ready to submit your entries Wednesday, October 24.

Thanks to stitchnmomma and FunWithNeedles for making it interesting :) I am sure we will see some great entries next month!


  1. Woohoo! Thanks Nicole, I'm already looking forward to the Thanksgiving challenge. :)

  2. Congratulations stitchnmomma!! That owl is awesome! Hmm... what shall I make for Thanksgiving...

  3. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly - whooooo! Nice job! Becki W.


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