February 3, 2012

Captain's Notes


If you will pardon my cheesiness, I would like to use this week's installment of notes from the captain to introduce myself. My name is Nicole and I am taking over captain's duties for the Etsy NeedleArts Team. On Etsy I go by AniaJane, which is a mash-up of parts of my two-year-old daughter's name. She seems cool with it so far. I was born in Western New York (Go Buffalo!) and still live here with my family. It's a cool little place, even if Tom Brady doesn't like our hotels.

I've been sewing since my husband gave me a machine for Christmas three years ago, and now I like to mix it with free style hand embroidery. I love drawing designs and working them onto a piece of fabric with my needle and thread and then making something wearable or useful out of it. I enjoy learning new stitches and I am really interested in making the shapes of the stitches themselves a main feature in my design.

I've been doing this for a bit under a year and have had my shop on Etsy for only half of that time, so I still have a lot to learn, and that is why I am so excited about becoming captain of this team. We have members doing all sorts of cool things with the needle arts and I want to be inspired by and promote their great work!

I want to thank Amanda for doing a great job captain-ing us this far. I look forward to building on the hard work the leaders of this team have already done and to finding new ways to engage and grow our team.



  1. YAY! Thanks for taking this on Nicole. I know you will be great!


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