August 31, 2011

Featured Member RustBeltGallery

This week's featured member is RustBeltGallery!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop. 
I just started trying to sell my crafts for profit last month. Along with stocking my shop, I am also preparing for an autumn full of craft shows and fall markets! I truly believe that if I work hard enough, I can help support my family through my passion.

What or Who inspires you? 
Most of my inspiration comes from my husband and my children. The everyday joys in my life are what encourage me to create. 

When you're not doing things for your shop can we find you around the internet? 
I am also on twitter,, and blogger, But usually, if I’m not on Etsy doing things for my shop, I’m on Etsy shopping in everyone else’s shops!

What is your favorite stitch or what do you like most about needlework? 
I love to cross stitch! You’ll find some small cross stitch pieces in my shop. I usually reserve the larger, more detailed pieces for myself or gifts for family and friends since they take so much time.

Where do you like to stitch (do you have a cozy spot, a favorite chair, a totally tricked out studio?)
I work in my living room while my kids play. As much as I would love a tricked out studio, I wouldn’t trade the baskets of toys, cartoons, and laughing children for anything!

How did you learn to stitch? 
Honestly, just from the instructional sheet inside of a commercial kit. Sorry, no exciting story there. Lol

(And just for fun) If you were a pizza topping, what pizza topping would you be? 
Pineapples! A little out of place, but a pleasant surprise!


  1. Wonderful! thank you Liz and RustBelt!

  2. Love your work RustBelt - I got your back - haha - love it :)


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