July 28, 2011

Captain's Notes


It has been a week of changes on the team.
For starters, let's welcome all the new members that have joined:


I am so happy to see all the continued growth and the amazing artists that keep joining our team!  To all new member, please be sure to check out the "New Members" discussion thread on the team page for some good newbie info!

This week, we would also like to announce a change on the team leadership.  Unfortunately, Bekah of Beetastic will be stepping down from her position (but thankfully staying with our team) and Liz of ThisTinyExistance will be stepping up to take over for her.  Thank you to Bekah for all your work on our team and for getting us this far!  
Thank you as well to Liz for joining the leadership.  We are happy to have you.  You all can look for Liz to start recruiting members for the team blog starting around next week.  If you are interested in being featured, please convo myself or Liz!

Lastly, We will be seeing Stitchnmomma step down from creating our weekly treasuries.  We thank her for her hard work as that is not an easy job.  The leaders are currently reworking the weekly treasury aspect of the team blog.  If any members have suggestions we are all ears.  For now, we will leave that spot open on the weekly blog schedule.

Whew...I believe that is all for now.  As always, have a great weekend!

Amanda AKA Pilous Percilla


  1. I like this piece- interactive.

  2. Gorgeous needle art.

    Welcome new members. I am always amazed at the variety of needleart that is out there. So great to have you on our team :)

    Welcome to Liz too for taking on the leadership role.

    Thanks for the treasury work Stitchinmomma - its a hard job that one :)


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