May 23, 2011

Japanese Craft Books for Needlework

Japanese Craft Book of Ribbon Stitches from MeMeCraftwork

Happy Monday! Perusing through Etsy, I came across the most amazing and interesting craft books, all from the shop MeMeCraftwork. There are hundreds (really!) of books for paper, clay, knitting, crocheting....and of course needlework! The books are in Chinese or Japanese, but the pictures are wonderful and sure to give you so many ideas for your next project. And whatever style of needlework you are interested in, there is book to inspire you.

Japanese Craft Book of Fun Embroidery from MeMeCraftwork

Out-of-Print Japanese Craft Book of Sketching Embroidery from MeMeCraft

From whimsical subjects to more serious techniques, there are so many craft books to choose from that I cannot include links to all of them here...but they are all wonderful! Be sure to take the time to peruse the offerings from are bound to find something of interest!

Happy Stitching!

xxx Rebecca aka melysbaby xxx


  1. Those little patterns are so cute!

  2. I have a couple of Japanese embroidery books, they're so inspiring to flip through! has quite a few as well.

  3. Such neat looking patterns - and the flowers in the first picture...simply amazing!


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