May 11, 2011

Featured Member thirtyone13

Our current featured member is thirtyone13
Q.  Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop.

A.  I am a wife and mom to 1 college-age daughter. I have been stitching since I was about 15. My first cross stitch project was a Ziggy illustration. I work full time as a medical coder, but love to stitch or sew in my off time. I love to upcycle wool sweaters, clothing, and other thrift store items. I'm a thrift store JUNKIE! lol. I would much rather shop in the thrift store than any other store. All of my wool sweaters and most of my other fabrics come from upcycled clothing. I also use embroidery hoops, artist canvas and frames from thrift stores or yard sales. I love to embroider, cross stitch and sew and I've tried to gear my Etsy shop towards my love of stitching. I named my shop Thirtyone13 after Proverbs 31 in the Bible. It talks about a "virtuous woman" and that she works willingly with her hands. I thought that was appropriate for all of my stitching and sewing since that's what I love and definitely do it "willingly"

Q.  What or Who inspires you?

 When I decided to start a blog, mostly it was just to keep up with my own projects I was doing, but then as began reading blogs, then that leading to another blog, and then another, well, you know how that goes! But mostly both of my grandmothers are my inspiration. They were both excellent seamstresses; making clothing for all of their kids and grandkids growing up, and both were wonderfully talented quilters. I guess I inherited their love of sewing. 

Q.  When you're not doing things for your shop can we find you around the internet?

A. I have a blog as I mentioned earlier, or you can find me at facebook or twitter 

Q.  What tool could you not live without?

A.   I guess my one tool I couldn't live without are my "readers"....I can't stitch without glasses; I can't see up close any longer (40's are not fun for this!) 


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