April 26, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Tools You'll Love

Today I'm going to feature several tools that every stitcher should have in her needlework basket.

1) THREAD HEAVEN. It costs between $3-$5 and comes in a little tiny blue plastic box. It is basically a little square of glycerin, and it's useful for smoothing stubborn threads like rayon or metallics.

2) CURVED EMBROIDERY SCISSORS - These are a pricier version, but Gingher are the best! I have a cheap pair of orange-handled Fiskars and they do the job too. The curved scissors are perfect for snipping the small ends of threads RIGHT up next to the fabric. These are especially useful for any kind of apparel since you don't want even tiny thread hanging off the back.

3) TEAR AWAY STABILIZER - A must for stitching on Onesies, t-shirts, or very thinly woven fabrics.

4) DISAPPEARING INK MARKING PEN - The blue side comes out with water; the purple side will eventually disappear by itself, but water works on it as well. This is the perfect tool to touch up patterns or create your own patterns on light colored fabrics.

5) EMERY PIN CUSHION - These come alone or are often found as a little "strawberry" next to the tomato on a traditional tomato pin cushion. The emery material inside sharpens needles. It's important to keep your needles sharp to avoid ruining your fabric or threads. Also, sharp needles pass through fabric more quickly.

6) A CUTE PIN CUSHION - Because you can never have too many cute pin cushions.


  1. Sounds good...I'll take one of each!

  2. Most of that sounds like my embroidery basket minus the tear away stabilizer.

    I have to second the curved embroidery scissors I just got some Gingher ones 3 weeks ago and I love them not sure what I did without them.

  3. I go through water-soluble ink pens like you wouldn't believe! :)

  4. I couldn't live without my thread heaven and my english beading needles!, life really would stop I am sure, great tips


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