March 10, 2011

Flickr and Friday Linkies

Woodland Owl Hand-Embroidery
Embroidery by melys baby, posted in the EtsyNEAT flickr group

Hello there! Is it Friday again already?

I for one have really enjoyed seeing the new pieces popping up in our team's flickr group right here: I'm so excited by all the talent I'm seeing!

This week I just wanted to make one quick note about your flickr postings. Please keep in mind that flickr is not intended to be used for sales purposes, and it is against their terms of service (TOS) to include that sort of information in the item's title or description. You can link to your blog if you've written a post with more details about the item, or you can refer viewers to your profile for your shop website, but direct linking or selling is against the rules. So please be careful---I don't want anyone to get shut down!

Embroidery by amanda miller, posted in the EtsyNEAT flickr group

And, now that my friendly PSA is over, link away to what you've been working on this week! (I actually have something to show this time!)

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  1. I noticed the "no sales" clause when I joined another embroidery group on flickr and had to go back and take out the shop links! Thanks for letting everyone know, because I sure didn't.


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