February 20, 2011

Vintage Embroidery Kits

Happy Monday! Are you ready to take on a new embroidery project? I love getting excited over new (or, in my case, vintage) patterns and planning projects with them. But sometimes deciding what type of linen or fabric to embroider on, finding that linen, transferring the pattern onto the fabric...well, sometimes it’s exhausting and too time consuming and I just want skip that and get to the fun part! Therefore I get excited when I find kits or stamped linens where all the "work" has already been done for me and I can just sit down and get stitching. As I am especially fond of vintage items, I am always thrilled to find that great piece that’s ready to be finished or a kit that has never been used. This week I am featuring a few of those fabulous finds that are currently for sale on Etsy.

70s Children's Embroidery Craft Kit from billyandwinston

This very sweet children's embroidery craft kit is from billyandwinston. It includes an apron and handkerchiefs that are already printed with colorful floral designs, and all the tools needed to embroider. Obviously it is perfect as a child's first project. My seven year-old daughter would LOVE this. But I think I would be sneaking this out of her workbasket because it would also be a fun project for the more experienced embroiderer.

Vintage Embroidery Kit of US Map & State Flowers from CoconutCake

If you are looking for a more ambitious project, then this vintage embroidery kit from CoconutCake featuring a US map and state flowers would be perfect! It includes the stamped linen, instructions and the floss. A nice large size, this would make a wonderful heirloom quality piece of art to hang when finished.

Vintage Tinted Pillow Cover to Embroider from ASentimentalJourney

From AsentimentalJourney, I found this amazing vintage pillow cover that has a tinted Vogart design of a 1920s flapper girl. I have tried adding some tinting to my embroidery projects but they never turned out as well as authentic vintage pieces. So I think this is a fantastic find. This would be a simple project and look lovely finished off as a pillow or just framed.

Happy stitching!

xxx Rebecca aka melys baby xxx


  1. That last one is so cool. And you've reminded me that this year I wanted to develop some kits for my more complicated (i.e. hard to trace) patterns. Better get on that! :)

  2. I love all of these. I also agree I want that map!

  3. Glad you like these finds!
    And june at noon...I'll look forward to seeing what kits you offer! Especially as I would love to feature kits from etsyNEAT members!

  4. I love that children's craft kit! I have a few tinted linens from the 40s and 50s, along with some bib kits and potholder kits from the 60s... They are becoming harder to find at local antique stores around here. If I had a time machine my first stop would be Woolworth's circa 1954, haha!


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