February 6, 2011

Needlework Patterns!

Happy Monday! I am constantly looking for embroidery patterns...new ones as well as vintage ones...free or for-sale...so I am happy to share finds that might help inspire your next needlework project. In honor of my first posting, I thought I would feature a couple of patterns that are for sale by fellow EtsyNEAT members.

In her shop, june at noon, our team captain features some wonderful embroidery patterns based on her original drawings. All of them are so charming, but I think her Japanese Maneki Neko is my favorite. I am a cat lover (and cat mom), so I am especially fond of anything feline. I also love the Asian simplicity of it. I think it will look fantastic embroidered on so many different things. For me personally, I can't decide between a cushion, hand towels or a wall hanging. Maybe I will have to do all three!

Lorna Bateman has some beautiful patterns incorporating a variety of techniques available in her shop, Lorna Bateman Embroidery. No doubt she is inspired by the beauty of England; her floral designs make me feel like I've stepped into a lovely English garden. However, I especially love her woolly little sheep. They are delightfully cute and I love their texture. Once I master some more embroidery techniques, I would love to embroider these on the edge of some pillowcases!

Happy stitching!

xxx Rebecca xxx


  1. The sheep on the pillow case would be very cute!

  2. Well done, Rebecca, thank you! :) I love Lorna's patterns and kits. They're so cool!

  3. Thanks for sharing! That sheep is so cute.


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