February 9, 2011

Featured Member juneatnoon

First up is juneatnoon our wonderful New Captain.

Seussical (18)

Q.  Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop.

A.  Hi! My name is Gretchen! I love to make things, and I have a hard time sticking to just one medium.  My current passions, though, are embroidery and digital illustration.

Q.  What or Who inspires you? 

A.  My kids are always inspiring, their energy, their way of seeing things. My husband is such a huge support and pushes me to believe in myself. There are so many fiber (and other) artists whose works inspire me and energize me to keep at it. And sunglight--it is so essential to me, and when there's lots of it, I have more motivation to create!

Q.  When you're not doing things for your shop, where can we find you around the net?

A.  Blog: www.juneatnoon.com

Q.   Just for fun tell us your favorite color.

A.  I've always loved red, but right now my current favorites are green and yellow, and which one tops the list changes on any given day!



  1. Thanks, Bekah! I'm looking forward to learning more about other team leaders and members in the weeks to come!


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